Deutsch Deutsch - Service for collecting semen from stallions
I collect the semen from your stallion and - if you want this - will give it to you in a sealable plastic bag (zip lock bag). You can then use it as fresh semen for breeding or perhaps also freeze it.
Automatically included with this is a cleaning of the penis from smegma (skin deposits and typical build-ups on the penis of horses) and dirt, as well as - depending on whether or not the horse likes this -, a (soft) massage of the penis.

I work exclusively with natural means thereby, without any tools, aids, supplements (technical, chemical or medical) or scents. In other words, I don't use an artificial vagina, nor the urine of a mare in heat as a "stimulant" or anything similar. I use only and exclusively my hands, my empathy and perhaps a conscious (partial) subordination of myself to the stallion (not the other way around). The latter is especially helpful, or even necessary with stallions who are kept under a strict hand, or who, in their day-to-day lives, must often and strongly subordinate themselves to human beings. Such stallions often have (big) inhibitions if you don't clearly signal to them that you subordinate yourself to them and their needs, and that for once, they may wish and therefore also decide or demand. If need be, I also use some warm water. That can be very helpful for the cleaning of the penis, and some stallions appreciate it quite a lot.

This renouncement of any helping agents or tools guarantees voluntariness. I don't want to rape stallions with my actions, nor rob them of their semen against their will. Quite the contrary, I want to give them a service and explicitly do them a favor. This renouncement of using any tools or helping aids or agents means - in contrast to commercial insemination stations and breeding facilities, that sometimes it might also simply not work or not happen. That very much can occur. In the end, it's always the horse who decides: If a stallion doesn't want to, doesn't feel like it, is in a bad mood, if he doesn't like me or if it doesn't work for other reasons, this must be accepted. That's my codex. The horse decides, or rather, always has the last word.

Since this isn't foreseeable and can always occur, no costs are charged in that case. In other words: If I don't succeed in collecting your stallion's semen, no costs will be charged, - provided that you as the horse's owner didn't voluntarily or involuntarily hinder or obstruct me or my activity. In that case I will pay for the costs of the drive to your location, for soiled clothes, etc.