Deutsch Deutsch - Service for collecting semen from stallions
If you interact with the sexuality of animal, especially as a man, and you offer massage and assistance in a sexual context for stallions like I do, people very much (and very often) like to presume and insinuate improper or at least misguided intentions. Unfortunately that obviously (also) satisfies the ego. A clarification of my motivation therefore is quite necessary:

I live in very humble financial circumstances due to several reasons. Because of this, and because there is a massive lack of women in Switzerland due to the mostly male mass immigration, I involuntarily don't have a girlfriend. I therefore know what life is like for a male mammal without a sex partner. - Even if you have hands (!).
And for me as a man and as a male mammal, a Lingam massage is the biggest joy, one of the nicest things there are. This joy and this happiness I would therefore like to share with others, especially those who are in a similar situation. - As far as this is wanted and / or appreciated. And since I have always liked and appreciated animals very much, and also hold especially horses in high regards, this especially also includes male horses, stallions. I just have a lot of affection for, and empathy with them. And some horses simply sense this and like it.

My motivation to offer sexual assistance, or rather, collecting stallion's semen therefore isn't my own sexuality and / or it's satisfaction. - That, as a side note, would also be punishable by law and a felony in Switzerland since Antoine Goetschel.

My motivation is my compassion, my empathy for others, for animals, particularly also for horses for instance, who are in the same, or in a similar or comparable situation.

Of course there is a connection to sexuality there. After all, it's about sexuality. Explicitly also with my own sexuality. But that isn't the impetus or motivation itself, but the impetus, the motivation and the source for the compassion and the empathy - which in general doesn't have anything to do with sexuality - with others, in this case with stallions in a similar situation. In other words, because I know from own experience how sexuality feels, I can also imagine how it feels for other living beings as well, for instance also for stallions. That's an important difference.

In other words: Because I as a male mammal, which we human beings also are, very much enjoy a good Lingam massage, I have the anatomical (and mental) pre-condition to be able to imagine that this applies to other male mammals as well, for instance to stallions. In other words, that a male animal such as a stallion for instance, might feel very similar, or be able to feel very similar as I do.

This is the classic function of animal protection and much more generally, of empathy, including among humans: Because you can feel feelings yourself, you ascribe or allow for others to feel the same or be able to feel the same or similarly. Without this, without empathy we are at René Descartes and vivisection. But empathy and compassion concern not only pain, but also hunger, fear, happiness and also sexual lust and enjoyment. In general all feelings which humans and animals can feel.

In order to not make any mistakes thereby and impute others with false kinds of feelings, it's essential and decisive that one can feel with an animal. In other words, empathize with an animal. And this is something that - paradoxically - especially many women, especially those who are afraid of sex, of being raped, or of men, and self-proclaimed "animal protectors" often can't do. This applies especially and explicitly in the area of sexuality and bodily integrity (castration). That's why, in my opinion, there is a very large societal grievance in this area towards animals and how we treat them. Meaning not with compassion, empathy and respect.

That brings me to another motivation. Not directly for the collection of semen from stallions as such, but for offering this as a service in public: Animal protection and enlightenment about animals and their rights.

Most people, especially women who don't like sex and many self-proclaimed "animal protectors" are not aware that sexuality is, or can be something just exactly as nice and as satisfying for animals as it is for humans. In the area of sexuality of animals, most people unfortunately have a very massive psychological knot in their head. They don't want to realize, and actively suppress the fact that animals also have a sexuality, and in connection with it, also sexual needs that strive for satisfaction. At least adult animals. The reason for this is, that most people who take an interest in animals are women, and that women, due to their own sexuality, most of all use and want to use animals as child surrogates or replacements.

That's why animals are infantilized very often, and also have their sexuality destroyed by amputation of the sexual organs. The often totally unnecessary castration of animals by the masses, even of animals where this can in no way be excused by contraception, such as with horses or dogs is one effect of this. Many animals are only castrated, so that people don't have to deal with their sexuality and sexual needs. With reality, that the child surrogate actually really isn't a child after all, this has nothing to do.

This is neither appropriate to animals, nor does it respect the dignity of animals. To the contrary, it's a massive bodily and sexual mutilation that can hardly be surpassed in terms of disrespect. With corresponding effects for animals and their status.

I have opposed this ever since I had anything to do with horses. So that people can handle sexuality of animals in a more honest and objective manner, especially also in animals for which or whom they are responsible and for whom they decide and which they control - just like slaves. For this it's important that people deal with these things instead of suppressing them. To this also this offer should make a contribution.