Deutsch Deutsch - Service for collecting semen from stallions
Welcome to this unique service for collecting semen from stallions without tools or artificial aids.

Indulge your stallion with a few beautiful, sensual moments of luck, of bodily satisfactions and therefore also of deep acknowledgement and confirmation of his deepest own nature and personality. Allow him a few moments in which he may decide, and in which, thanks to specific touches and the allowance of his wishes, he may experience physical feelings which stallions in wildlife usually may only experience when they have conquered a harem, and by chance a mare is in heat.

I would have liked to call this webpage and this service something like "Stallion Service", because for me, the service for the horse is the primary objective and not the use for people. To me, the customer is king, and the customer who decides if he or she likes something or not, in the end is the horse.

Unfortunately however, the vast majority of the horse industry still has a very large, traditional and historical problem if you don't collect semen from stallions in order to financially exploit their semen and genetic makeup, but only as a favor and a service to the horse as a living creature and individual, as an empathic and caring measure in favor of the horse. This needs to be accepted, because the horse industry is my target group and horse owners in the end are my paying customers.